A/B Testing Facebook Ads

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A/B Testing Facebook Ads

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Do you know why facebook advertisement are realtively cheaper than google adwords?


Right now in 2016, Facebook advertising is one of the bets and cost effective for most of the business. The reason is Facebook advertising isn’t as saturated vs Google ad words,  hence with less competitors it’s cheaper to advertise on facebook than on google adwords.

But that doesn’t mean you should be sleeplessly running ads on Facebook platform. Facebook is cheaper than ad words now but it does will not be in future. To simply put Facebook ads is expensive than it used to be.  Only different is lesser competitors and lesser cost.

This might not last long

But the landscape can change any time and once it’s became competitive filled with many advertisers, you can’t afford to run Facebook ad campaigns as you do today (unless you’re already doing well)

That’s why we decided to bring in best practises on Facebook advertising. In this article we cover why you should be doing A/B testing in Facebook ads and how should do A/B testing.

How to A/B test Facebook advertising

Before jumping into the best practises in doing the A/B testing in facebook ads, let have a look at the campaign structure, advert set and advert creative structure in facebook platform.

Facebook Campaign

Facebook defines the campaign as the objective that an advertiser intends to achieve using the campaign. Most widely used campaign objectives could be generating conversions, engagements, app installs, clicks, increasing web traffic and so on.

Facebook Advert set

This defines how you want to target the audience in the facebook. A campaign usually can have many adverts set depending upon the interest targeting, demographics targeting, topics targeting very much similar like the Google display campaigns.

Advert creative

This define the ad copies that we create for the people to interact with and perform the desired outcomes such as the conversions, app installs etc. This can be contains different images,text, headline copy and description copy. The advert set can contains many advert creative (Ad copies)

What to A/B test.

What are the ways to perform A/B testing in Advert set level?

Advert set usually defines the targeting and budget. So it is advisable to A/B test the interest, audience, topics in the advert set level.

How to actually implement this?

Let’s say you’re trying to sell the men’s bike gears in the Facebook. Since you’re trying to sell men’s gear you don’t need to worry about the demographics, since it’s going to be only men.

Coming to the interest you can probably have assumptions. This is where you are going to validate assumptions by using the data from the A/B test.  Let’s divide the targeting options

Targeting A (interest based): people who brought bikes recently, bike enthusiastic, bike lovers & Bike riders

Targeting B (interest Based)   

People who reads about bikes, people who shown interest in bike accessories, people who brought bike accessories in the past.

Create a two advert sets with same ad copy but have a separate interest in each ad groups.

Setting up tracking in the Ad Creative level using the UTM Parameters

Use the destination URL’s along with the UTM defined parameters to track the performance individually.

Run both advert sets for the same definite time and find out which one has better results. The main results you can test out could be conversions, engagement, app installs, eCommerce purchase etc.

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