Adwords Remarketing mistakes you should avoid

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Adwords Remarketing mistakes you should avoid

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Remarketing and display targeting methods in the adwords are pretty cool. Isn’t? Unlike the search campaign where it has too much technical jargons. In general for search campaign everything needs to be set at the granular level to achieve efficiency in adwords.

But the display campaigns have top level options and once you set it right, google do the hard lifting for you. Also one of the downside is that if you set any parameter slightly wrong, or left the settings with default value the results can be disastrous.

Recently i came across one such things in the display campaigns. Here’s how discover and fix the issue.

Choose the placement very wisely. Google display offers plenty of targeting options, one such is placements. However if you don’t monitor after setting up the campaigns there’s more chances of these things could happen:

Your clicks will be very high. CTR will be very low ( even in the display network standards). Cost per conversion will be high as well. Only good thing is you will have more impressions ( but that’s not really helpful). If you haven’t noticed for a month, at the end of the month you might find a heartbreaking amount of money wasted in the adwords.

One important factor is that you should set up, conversion tracking tracking from google adwords to Your CRM. Then you will have valuable information like which campaign will produce good leads and which doesn’t. Most of the cases you will find that the remarketing campaigns (particularly display) will generate more bad leads or high cost per conversion -if something wrong with your campaign setup.

So how did you improve the display campaigns especially the remarketing ones:

Make sure you exclude the irrelevant mobile apps in the placements. Though the visitor is in your remarketing list and had he visited your website. But again don’t expect him to click your ad when he’s skyping or when he;s chatting or when he playing the game. But in most of the cases the remarketing ads usually appreciating the apps like chat, music player or games. So don’t expect the user to click the ads. Even adwords shows that the user clicked the ads it was probably due to the misleading thumb clicks or accidental clicks.

Be wary to include Mobile apps like android and ios in the placements. If  you want to exclude the mobile section completely which could he helpful sometimes, you can create a list which contains the domain exclusion By adding the you can completely ignore mobile apps altogether. Once you removed the apps, compare the data with before and after mobile placements and see if that helps with your adwords marketing objectives such as more leads, less ppc, more ctr or even more sales.

Turn off the target optimisation:

Retargeting was seldomly used perfectly. Often times unknowingly irrelevant users are being annoyed (targeted) with the remarketing ads.

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