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optimize google display campaigns

How to optimize Google Display Campaigns

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How to optimize Google Display campaigns in 5 minutes

 optimize google display campaigns

There’s gazillions ways to improve and optimize the Google display campaigns. Here’s the logic wise framework on the Google display campaign optimisation.

The Google Display Campaign optimisation can be divided into various forms:

  • Outer funnel optimisation
  • Inner funnel optimisation

Outer funnel optimisation:

This refers to the optimisation top level targeting methods such as restricting the display ads to the irrelevant audience. This can be helpful because, it’s continuous process to keep channeling display ads to targeted audience.

So as a PPC manager one has to be relentless in keeping the targeted channel to relevant audience.

So it’s important to keep a tab on the people targeted and targeting methods on top level.

Things to optimize in the outer funnel:

Targeting methods:

Does your display campaigns running on Mobile App Placements Ads?

For me it’s a huge area of concern. Mobile app placements are often ignored, seldom visible and often lead to accidental clicks (due to big thumb).

Or you have to seriously ask yourself have you or seen any one paid attention to mobile placements as much as they do for other ads.

We make decision based on the data, for us, Average CTR for the mobile placements in whooping 66%. For display ads CTR of 66% is ridiculous.

Unless, it’s actually driving conversion and business for you – you should be careful about the mobile app placements.

This is even more happening in the re marketing campaign. Read : target optimisation in re-marketing display campaign

Haven’t you turned off the target OPTIMIZATION?

Target optimization feature comes as a basic feature with all display campaigns and hardly visible. But if this gone unnoticed, these feature might single handily plague the CTR, conversion rates, Cost per conversion.

We are not advocating that target optimization is a bad feature. But the odds that it could be are high. So what’s the solution? Trust data. Run the display campaigns with this feature and see the quality of leads, CPA.

How to check if the target optimisation brings you bad placements and wasted spend.

Here’s the step:

Step1: choose the display campaign

Step2: Choose the display network tab

Step3: Choose the placements

Step3: segment by targeting mode

Step4: Download the report

Step5: While downloading make sure you download the segmented report

Track your conversions from the adwords to get useful insights on conversion funnel. read  Conversion tracking in adwords

Check the Topics & keywords in display TARGETING

There are many ways on can target using the keywords, topics, audience and demographics. Depending upon how many intersecting targeting methods, user targeting may be very narrowed down or wide.

Pro tip: don’t use more than two combinations as it narrows down so much.

Review Placements Report

The placement report shows you the website where your display campaign ads are running. It’s best practice to review the placements weekly. Though it requires time to review all the websites but you get good insights on which type of website your ads are running.

By manually reviewing the websites you get to know how you though the display targeting would work & how it actually works. Display targeting works on contextual targeting and not always in the way you thought it is.

By reviewing the placement reports, you get to know how targeting works and you can tweak based on the placements. If you’re looking to optimize conversion rate, try our conversion optimisation services

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A/B Testing Facebook Ads

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Do you know why facebook advertisement are realtively cheaper than google adwords?


Right now in 2016, Facebook advertising is one of the bets and cost effective for most of the business. The reason is Facebook advertising isn’t as saturated vs Google ad words,  hence with less competitors it’s cheaper to advertise on facebook than on google adwords.

But that doesn’t mean you should be sleeplessly running ads on Facebook platform. Facebook is cheaper than ad words now but it does will not be in future. To simply put Facebook ads is expensive than it used to be.  Only different is lesser competitors and lesser cost.

This might not last long

But the landscape can change any time and once it’s became competitive filled with many advertisers, you can’t afford to run Facebook ad campaigns as you do today (unless you’re already doing well)

That’s why we decided to bring in best practises on Facebook advertising. In this article we cover why you should be doing A/B testing in Facebook ads and how should do A/B testing.

How to A/B test Facebook advertising

Before jumping into the best practises in doing the A/B testing in facebook ads, let have a look at the campaign structure, advert set and advert creative structure in facebook platform.

Facebook Campaign

Facebook defines the campaign as the objective that an advertiser intends to achieve using the campaign. Most widely used campaign objectives could be generating conversions, engagements, app installs, clicks, increasing web traffic and so on.

Facebook Advert set

This defines how you want to target the audience in the facebook. A campaign usually can have many adverts set depending upon the interest targeting, demographics targeting, topics targeting very much similar like the Google display campaigns.

Advert creative

This define the ad copies that we create for the people to interact with and perform the desired outcomes such as the conversions, app installs etc. This can be contains different images,text, headline copy and description copy. The advert set can contains many advert creative (Ad copies)

What to A/B test.

What are the ways to perform A/B testing in Advert set level?

Advert set usually defines the targeting and budget. So it is advisable to A/B test the interest, audience, topics in the advert set level.

How to actually implement this?

Let’s say you’re trying to sell the men’s bike gears in the Facebook. Since you’re trying to sell men’s gear you don’t need to worry about the demographics, since it’s going to be only men.

Coming to the interest you can probably have assumptions. This is where you are going to validate assumptions by using the data from the A/B test.  Let’s divide the targeting options

Targeting A (interest based): people who brought bikes recently, bike enthusiastic, bike lovers & Bike riders

Targeting B (interest Based)   

People who reads about bikes, people who shown interest in bike accessories, people who brought bike accessories in the past.

Create a two advert sets with same ad copy but have a separate interest in each ad groups.

Setting up tracking in the Ad Creative level using the UTM Parameters

Use the destination URL’s along with the UTM defined parameters to track the performance individually.

Run both advert sets for the same definite time and find out which one has better results. The main results you can test out could be conversions, engagement, app installs, eCommerce purchase etc.

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Adwords Remarketing mistakes you should avoid

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Remarketing and display targeting methods in the adwords are pretty cool. Isn’t? Unlike the search campaign where it has too much technical jargons. In general for search campaign everything needs to be set at the granular level to achieve efficiency in adwords.

But the display campaigns have top level options and once you set it right, google do the hard lifting for you. Also one of the downside is that if you set any parameter slightly wrong, or left the settings with default value the results can be disastrous.

Recently i came across one such things in the display campaigns. Here’s how discover and fix the issue.

Choose the placement very wisely. Google display offers plenty of targeting options, one such is placements. However if you don’t monitor after setting up the campaigns there’s more chances of these things could happen:

Your clicks will be very high. CTR will be very low ( even in the display network standards). Cost per conversion will be high as well. Only good thing is you will have more impressions ( but that’s not really helpful). If you haven’t noticed for a month, at the end of the month you might find a heartbreaking amount of money wasted in the adwords.

One important factor is that you should set up, conversion tracking tracking from google adwords to Your CRM. Then you will have valuable information like which campaign will produce good leads and which doesn’t. Most of the cases you will find that the remarketing campaigns (particularly display) will generate more bad leads or high cost per conversion -if something wrong with your campaign setup.

So how did you improve the display campaigns especially the remarketing ones:

Make sure you exclude the irrelevant mobile apps in the placements. Though the visitor is in your remarketing list and had he visited your website. But again don’t expect him to click your ad when he’s skyping or when he;s chatting or when he playing the game. But in most of the cases the remarketing ads usually appreciating the apps like chat, music player or games. So don’t expect the user to click the ads. Even adwords shows that the user clicked the ads it was probably due to the misleading thumb clicks or accidental clicks.

Be wary to include Mobile apps like android and ios in the placements. If  you want to exclude the mobile section completely which could he helpful sometimes, you can create a list which contains the domain exclusion By adding the you can completely ignore mobile apps altogether. Once you removed the apps, compare the data with before and after mobile placements and see if that helps with your adwords marketing objectives such as more leads, less ppc, more ctr or even more sales.

Turn off the target optimisation:

Retargeting was seldomly used perfectly. Often times unknowingly irrelevant users are being annoyed (targeted) with the remarketing ads.

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web Analytics

Conversion tracking in Adwords

Advanced conversion tracking in Adwords

conversion tracking in adwords

Adwords logo with conversion text


Often times, we often need to make decision on limited data. We always feel that isn’t it better if we have a little more data? Well we are going to see how the little more data will impact  our decision making perhaps how that going to alter everything on sales and marketing. Well, not the same case with Adwords. So that’s why we decided to create a solution for conversion tracking in adwords.

What is conversion tracking?

This is for starters. If you are already used to the concept of conversion tracking please skip to next section. Conversion is basically the user action that would like to see happen on your website on app. Most common conversions are eCommerce purchase, filling out the lead form, sharing the content, user engaging with your content.  To track the conversion you usually need to put some JavaScript code in the webpage where the conversion happens. Here, we are going to talk about conversion tracking in adwords.

Tracking beyond the conversions

It’s good to know where you get good number of conversions. Most likely from the organic channel or paid channel or sometimes affiliate channel’s.

Here’s the catch. Did you know how many of the leads had become sales or how many dropped off?

It is essential because with conventional conversion tracking, particularly in the paid advertising such as Google ad words you knew which campaign produces sustainable conversions and which needs improvement.

But with offline conversion tracking you can know which campaign generating how much in sales. That’s an impressive number. Because what if a campaign A generates 500 leads out which 10% became a purchase and average purchase cost is $100. Total revenue by campaign A is 100*50= $5000. When a campaign B produces 200 leads with 10% conversion with average cost of $1000 which is equals 20*1000= $20000.

But in the Google ad words layer all you find is campaign A is far better than campaign B. But actual things could be another way around as seen in the demonstration. I hope you agree this could be eye opener than generic conversion tracking. So, how to implement?

Set-up URL parameters

We are going to explain this concept using the ad words interface but it is going to be the same for all the platforms ( say: seo,email,affiliate).

Create url parameters on the landing page URL. So that when the user clicks into your ad, they will be redirected to the landing page with parameters in it. You can either implement using the UTM parameters or value track parameters to track. To use UTM, enabling the auto tagging in the ad words interface would be sufficient.

Auto tagging only enables users to get values like campaign and medium. But if you want to have keyword, match type, device type, ad group & campaign ID. You should be implementing value track parameters.

Creating Hidden fields in Lead from

Conversion tracking in adwords can be implemented for any type of conversion. Here’s on how to implement on the lead form


  • You should have a CRM
  • You should have a Lead form
  • Web developer

How to do conversion tracking in lead contact form?

Create a hidden fields in the lead form on which you want to track conversion. If you would like to track 5 values you need to create 5 hidden fields.

You need to create a cookie using a JavaScript that will populate the values to the hidden fields in the lead contact form.  After that the populated values in the hidden fields should be submitted into the CRM along the general values in the lead form such as Name, contact # etc. The CRM integration is specific to the CRM product used by the company. I had seen this successfully integrated in Microsoft dynamics CRM.

Once the conversion tracking in adwords setup had completed, you need to verify that everything works as intended. How to test to ensure that the Adwords conversion tracking works smoothly?

Basically you need to create test inquiries in different mediums like search, organic, referral and verify the data has been populated in the CRM appropriately.  Once it’s successfully verified, you are all set for marketing glory!

happy people

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How to choose a seo company

How to find Seo company | My insights on choosing seo vendors

Category : Blog

Choosing a seo company is not easy. In fact choosing an seo company is pretty much overlooked. In reality, much of your digital marketing success depends upon the seo company you choose. Having helped companies to choose right seo companies , here is my insight. let’s have a solid basics on how to find seo company.

How to find SEO Company

CEO are Sales People, How about the tech?

CEO's are sales people

This is the number one problem is selection. During the initial phase- the time your company or you communicate with the seo vendor or the final presentation, most of the time CEO’s would be doing the show.

Like all the companies, seo companies do have a sales team and they know what to do in-order to sell their services to you. So don’t get easily comfortable and make a decision to hire them.

It’s not that the seo companies which have good sales team have a bad seo team or vice versa.  But have an eye for the seo team because you are going to work with them forever. sales people will gone once the deal is done (sometimes ceo’s too).

Had They Done It Before

how to choose an seo company

Sometimes, hiring an seo company is similar to hiring an seo candidate. You have to look for the experience.

Experience, not in the sense of years in the industry or the no of clients. What really matters is that- their experience in the relevant industry or exactly similar industry.

I have seen companies successful in B2C struggle with B2B. Reason being both had different approaches and it’s incredibly difficult to have a team which does both. So ask the vendor about their B2B or B2c Experience and connect with your objective.

B2B or B2C may be too high level. Find out whether they had worked on retail, software, finance, FMCG, Mobile App, Startup, etc… If you are a software company and want to generate B2B leads online, you know what to seek and ask.

Average Client Duration

Often times, while choosing an seo company one need to make bold and honest decision – to avoid regret in future. So now you know about the seo technical team, their work experience, now what?

Ask them, how long their client stick with them Or what is the average life-cycle time of their clients.

Client-vendor life cycle

google search

Honeymoon time:

happy people

Probably first three months, since the signing up. This period usually goes like getting each other knows, formal introductions, and initial setups which are fairly easy. Usually honeymoon period is for 3 months.

Chaos time:

blamming each other

No seo company is charging any less. So after three months of payment and no results, usually management or CEO started to ask questions. questions about the performance and the promises delivered during the signup or honeymoon period.

This usually happens for 2-3 months.



In this phase, usually the client will be more direct about the performance of the digital marketing efforts. Probably deadlines will be set and heavy pressure will be exerted by the client. Obviously the deadlines won’t be meet.

During this time, the meeting frequency will be frequent and most the seo tech team will be under pressure. After two months into the phase, the vendor will be terminated. This happens for 2-3 months.

For an average client who is unhappy with the vendor has the average life cycle time

Avg life cycle time =Honeymoon period (3) + chaos time (3) + Climax (3) = 9 Months.

Coming back to the client duration, if the average client duration is 6 months you know what to do.

However, in rare cases a company which doesn’t have the items described in the post , yet it could deliver a stellar performance- there’s always an exceptional.  For more information – How to choose an seo company

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Social Media Optimization

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Why your business should be in Social Media?

The amount of people using social media websites is constantly increasing. Moreover the main advantage of using social media is that you can easily identify your targeted audience. This helps your business to reach your audience efficiently. This helps to improve the conversion rate which will improve your business with low advertisement cost.


How can Social Media Optimization help me?

By making minor tweak’s in the title of your post. You can increase the visibility of your content and reach your targeted audience easily. This will increase the number of interactions and engagements to your website. A good visibility in social media will increase the value of your brand and provide good business opportunity.

How to make my content viral?

Before sharing your content in social media. Make sure that it is unique and it has a good infographics as most people using social media love infographics. The infographics designed should be able to express the content in a clear and attractive way.

Using Hash Tags (#)

Using hash tags efficiently in your posts will increase the impressions of your post. Using hash tags is the best way to make you content reach your audience. As hash tags are used in many social media sites it is very important to increase the contents visibility.

Using Mentions (@)

Mentions can be used as well to point out a specific organization or person using their username prefixed by “@”. This will intimate the person that they have been mentioned in the post.

How to source articles in a similar topic?

Using tools like

You can save large time in sourcing articles. Just select the topic in which you need the content. It will provide you the list of articles published in that topic. You can also filter out the content as per your need such as date and much more

How to manage my Social media posts?

There are many tools to manage your posts such as

There is a simple and genuine trick to increase the visibility of your content. To know more about the tips and tricks to increase the social media content and to know more about social media optimization contact us

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Great SEO Audit Vs Mediocre

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Providing SEO Audit on your website takes just minutes where as they take more than a week of time to provide that report. Which only gives you the current status and not the changes to be made.

The major updates will be

  1. Adding the H1, H2 tags in all pages
  2. Changing the title and description of the pages
  3. Optimize images and adding alt text
  4. Some redirects
  5. Link building (more often spamming)

These definitely help to increase the SERP but how much? These changes help the search engines to easily crawl your site and fetch data but the true fact lies how your customer really feels when viewing you website.


Here’s how our quality SEO Audit will be

Adding new and quality content to the website

The quality of the article is determined by the uniqueness of the content, how the content are interlinked to others, keyword density, selecting quality keyword and adding new info-graphics.

SEO Audit

Landing pages

One of the most important factor to be considered while using a PPC campaign. Our experts design attractive landing pages targeting your customers based on the keyword. We also provide you with the results of A/B testing and validate the best page which suits you. We guarantee to increase the conversion ratio.

SEO Audit

Social Media Optimization

The power of social media is constantly increasing as most people spend at least 30 minutes of their time in social media. Targeting people of similar interest and age group is very easy when it comes to social media. This advantage helps us to reach our targeted audience easily. We also guide you the kind on posts and types to be added to increase your page visibility.
SEO Audit

Conversion Rate optimization

Are you getting enough visits but very low number of inquiries? Here is the solution. Our experts analyze the behavior of your audience and identify what needs to be optimized. The behavior flow of your audience will be tracked and minor changes will be made to impress the audience.

SEO Audit

Reducing negative SEO

Spamming became a very bad head ache now a days. In some cases your competitors may spam your website to reduce your performance and increase the visibility. The build negative links to reduce the performance of your site and spam your site. Our experts identify such attacks and remove such links and recover the performance of your website. We also check for plagiarized content throughout the website and provide the changes that is necessary to make your content unique.

SEO Audit

Speed Optimization

Speed plays an important role in the quality on the website. You can increase the speed of your website with minor tunings without upgrading your hosting. We will guide you through the optimization techniques.

SEO Audit

Unique Infographics

A picture is worth a thousand words! Yes it is. Unique infographics is very much important to a website and it can drive more traffic than you expect. A creative and descriptive video can drive good traffic to your website and increase your visibility.

SEO Audit

 As Unique As ” U “


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How to choose seo company

How to choose seo company?

How to choose seo company- Not easy

Getting tired of choosing a seo company

Choosing a good SEO company or a digital marketing is a lot harder than it seems.

As a founder of this company, I have been there & done that. I had learned on how to choose a good SEO/digital marketing company but with a cost of time and money (a lot of it).

So if you are looking to choose an SEO or digital marketing company, I urge you to pay high attention. This content is for you.

You could save a lot of money and time. By reading this, you’re also not reinventing the wheel.

Before getting into choosing a good SEO/marketing company, let’s debunk the common myths and bad practices followed on how to choose seo company

Choosing an SEO Company on References:

References are indeed very important, but you have to be careful on choosing aSEO company based on the reference only.


This following scenario will be the paradigmatic example of how you go wrong on choosing an seo company just only on reference.

You & your friend “X” are friends and you to run a separate business. X was running a cake shop which has really taken off since the launch due to the aggressive marketing.


You are running a software development company ( say web development company).So while you’re really astonished by ‘X’s growth and you were asking him about his marketing.


You discovered that ‘X’ has an seo vendor who really helped the company reached where it is now.  So the seo company , let’s call it “ACME” solutions referred by your friend.


Without much hesitation you sign a deal and they started to work.


But after six months or eight, you hardly see any projects coming through your marketing efforts. You have no idea where, what went wrong. But I do, Let’s see what happens.


You’re friend ‘X’ cake shop promotions was successful because, it is very less competitive and less crowded comparing to the software industry.


So the seo company ‘ACME’ solutions were succeeded in cake shop and failed to do sofor your software company because:

Software was already crowded  

In the digital marketing, the competition for software companies is cut throat

And it’s takes a great deal of strategy and work to achieve the place.  But the ‘ACME’ had been successful in cake shop but they had no experience in succeeding in the very competitive market like software industry.

But for your friend ‘X’ “ACME” was successful seo company.


SEO or digital marketing is a number’s game, also the competition plays very important role in success.

So if a company is successful for someone it doesn’t mean that it can also be successful for you.  

Even if you have same set of industries, say your friend ‘X’ also running a software company and you also wanted to start a software company. But even in this context a company successful for you’re friend won’t be successful for you in spite of same domain vertical. There’s a lot of factors still mattered and to be considered to determine the success.


The point here’s is not to reject a seo or digital marketing company straightaway while refered to you but also not to -choose because of the reference.

If you think it is overwhelming, you can contact us here- Contact us.
You can also read about why the client details and average client lifetime is very important for choosing an SEO Vendor – Read how to choose  a digital marketing company part-2

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Smart CMS for Small Business

Category : Services

How to choose CMS for Small Business

What is CMS

CMS (Content Management System) has revolutionised the web designing world with its capabilities and advantages. With the help of CMS now you can manage the content within your website without technical skills (Coding skills). Creating, Editing, Deleting content is made easy by using CMS. Knowing its power lots of open source CMS   came into existence such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and much more.


Ample of cms software available for small business

Ample of cms software available for small business

Why should you go for CMS

With the help of CMS you can

  • Create, Edit, Delete content in your website easily
  • Increase the speed and performance of your website
  • You can modify your website without coding Skills
  • Code re usability helps you to fasten your work 10x
  • Multiple users can make changes easily and simultaneously
  • Add or remove custom functionalities easily.
  • Design your website SEO friendly
  • Modify create layout in CMS easily
Which cms to choose

Which cms to choose

Enterprise CMS


ECM/ECMS (Enterprise Content Management system) refers to systems with high capabilities and functionalities. The main advantage of ECM is that it will be particularly designed for the user based on their needs. It helps to work much faster and efficiently. User can add new functionalities as per their needs any time.

CMS's are scaled up for enterprise level

Cms for enterprise

Why should I choose Tn38Tech

  • We are experienced CMS developers with more than 20+ years of experience
  • We provide Customized and unique solutions which suits your firm
  • We provide extended support and assistance
  • 24×7 support
  • On time delivery
  • We provide Robust, Secured, Customizable and user friendly product


We also provide support to modify your existing CMS. Our experienced developers can customize your CMS as per your needs. We can also edit some popular CMS such as WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal etc. Here are some of the free open source CMS.



It is a free Open source CMS based on PHP and MySQL. It is the most widely used CMS. It’s well-known for its capability and security. We have experienced developers to work in WordPress who can do any required modification in it’s as per your needs.

wordpress CMS for small business

wordpress is powerful and user friendly

Interested- Check out our- wordpress web development service page


Joomla cms for small business

Joomla cms for small business

Ever since Joomla was released in 2005 it is constantly growing. It is a PHP based CMS. It is well-known for its customization options. We have experienced developers to work in Joomla who can do any required modification in it’s as per your needs.



It was initially released on 2001. It is a free Open source CMS based on PHP and MySQL we have experienced developers to work in Drupal who can do any required modification in it’s as per your needs.

Drupal CMS for small business

Need professional advice on choosing CMS for small business, contact us 

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How to grow your business online

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How to grow your business online

E commerce have revolutionized the marketing world entirely. Helping the customers to buy apple to aeroplane at the door step. If you are look to sell your products or services globally then you are in the right place. With more than 20 + years of experience our developers help you to build user friendly, trendy, fast and robust E commerce website. The solutions we provide to you are completely customizable and developed uniquely for you to satisfy your needs. As we design your website based on agile methodology you can easily make changes in your website based on user reviews and thoughts.


Innovation solutions

Think outside the cubicle. Tn38tech is providing creative and innovative solutions for its clients for more than 20 years helping the clients achieve greater heights. We provide the simplest solution to your hardest task. Our developers are magicians in programming. They do magic in code so your website works like a wonder the only thing you need to do is sit and enjoy the show.

creative thinking

Responsive Design

The designs that we provide are entirely unique and different. Our developers are specialized in developing innovative solutions. The solutions that we provide are professional and business oriented. We provide creative, User friendly, SEO friendly and responsive designs. We design websites cleaver enough to handle big and small screens (Mobile phones, Tablets and Desktop computers). Our focus is to provide overall solution and not just a website.

Responsive website

SEO Optimized

When it comes to online marketing Search Engine Optimisation plays a major role. It can promote your business to higher level and gain traffic from your target segments. The design provided by our developers are guided by our SEO experts. Which makes the design SEO friendly. Once the design is complete our SEO experts will make necessary changes to make the website search engine friendly.  We provide extended support in SEO by guiding you to optimize the meta description and meta data. To know more about our extended seo support Read our post- why we are one of the best Ecommerce seo company


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