Great SEO Audit Vs Mediocre

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Great SEO Audit Vs Mediocre

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Providing SEO Audit on your website takes just minutes where as they take more than a week of time to provide that report. Which only gives you the current status and not the changes to be made.

The major updates will be

  1. Adding the H1, H2 tags in all pages
  2. Changing the title and description of the pages
  3. Optimize images and adding alt text
  4. Some redirects
  5. Link building (more often spamming)

These definitely help to increase the SERP but how much? These changes help the search engines to easily crawl your site and fetch data but the true fact lies how your customer really feels when viewing you website.


Here’s how our quality SEO Audit will be

Adding new and quality content to the website

The quality of the article is determined by the uniqueness of the content, how the content are interlinked to others, keyword density, selecting quality keyword and adding new info-graphics.

SEO Audit

Landing pages

One of the most important factor to be considered while using a PPC campaign. Our experts design attractive landing pages targeting your customers based on the keyword. We also provide you with the results of A/B testing and validate the best page which suits you. We guarantee to increase the conversion ratio.

SEO Audit

Social Media Optimization

The power of social media is constantly increasing as most people spend at least 30 minutes of their time in social media. Targeting people of similar interest and age group is very easy when it comes to social media. This advantage helps us to reach our targeted audience easily. We also guide you the kind on posts and types to be added to increase your page visibility.
SEO Audit

Conversion Rate optimization

Are you getting enough visits but very low number of inquiries? Here is the solution. Our experts analyze the behavior of your audience and identify what needs to be optimized. The behavior flow of your audience will be tracked and minor changes will be made to impress the audience.

SEO Audit

Reducing negative SEO

Spamming became a very bad head ache now a days. In some cases your competitors may spam your website to reduce your performance and increase the visibility. The build negative links to reduce the performance of your site and spam your site. Our experts identify such attacks and remove such links and recover the performance of your website. We also check for plagiarized content throughout the website and provide the changes that is necessary to make your content unique.

SEO Audit

Speed Optimization

Speed plays an important role in the quality on the website. You can increase the speed of your website with minor tunings without upgrading your hosting. We will guide you through the optimization techniques.

SEO Audit

Unique Infographics

A picture is worth a thousand words! Yes it is. Unique infographics is very much important to a website and it can drive more traffic than you expect. A creative and descriptive video can drive good traffic to your website and increase your visibility.

SEO Audit

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