How to choose seo company

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How to choose seo company

How to choose seo company?

How to choose seo company- Not easy

Getting tired of choosing a seo company

Choosing a good SEO company or a digital marketing is a lot harder than it seems.

As a founder of this company, I have been there & done that. I had learned on how to choose a good SEO/digital marketing company but with a cost of time and money (a lot of it).

So if you are looking to choose an SEO or digital marketing company, I urge you to pay high attention. This content is for you.

You could save a lot of money and time. By reading this, you’re also not reinventing the wheel.

Before getting into choosing a good SEO/marketing company, let’s debunk the common myths and bad practices followed on how to choose seo company

Choosing an SEO Company on References:

References are indeed very important, but you have to be careful on choosing aSEO company based on the reference only.


This following scenario will be the paradigmatic example of how you go wrong on choosing an seo company just only on reference.

You & your friend “X” are friends and you to run a separate business. X was running a cake shop which has really taken off since the launch due to the aggressive marketing.


You are running a software development company ( say web development company).So while you’re really astonished by ‘X’s growth and you were asking him about his marketing.


You discovered that ‘X’ has an seo vendor who really helped the company reached where it is now.  So the seo company , let’s call it “ACME” solutions referred by your friend.


Without much hesitation you sign a deal and they started to work.


But after six months or eight, you hardly see any projects coming through your marketing efforts. You have no idea where, what went wrong. But I do, Let’s see what happens.


You’re friend ‘X’ cake shop promotions was successful because, it is very less competitive and less crowded comparing to the software industry.


So the seo company ‘ACME’ solutions were succeeded in cake shop and failed to do sofor your software company because:

Software was already crowded  

In the digital marketing, the competition for software companies is cut throat

And it’s takes a great deal of strategy and work to achieve the place.  But the ‘ACME’ had been successful in cake shop but they had no experience in succeeding in the very competitive market like software industry.

But for your friend ‘X’ “ACME” was successful seo company.


SEO or digital marketing is a number’s game, also the competition plays very important role in success.

So if a company is successful for someone it doesn’t mean that it can also be successful for you.  

Even if you have same set of industries, say your friend ‘X’ also running a software company and you also wanted to start a software company. But even in this context a company successful for you’re friend won’t be successful for you in spite of same domain vertical. There’s a lot of factors still mattered and to be considered to determine the success.


The point here’s is not to reject a seo or digital marketing company straightaway while refered to you but also not to -choose because of the reference.

If you think it is overwhelming, you can contact us here- Contact us.
You can also read about why the client details and average client lifetime is very important for choosing an SEO Vendor – Read how to choose  a digital marketing company part-2

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