How to find Seo company | My insights on choosing seo vendors

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How to choose a seo company

How to find Seo company | My insights on choosing seo vendors

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Choosing a seo company is not easy. In fact choosing an seo company is pretty much overlooked. In reality, much of your digital marketing success depends upon the seo company you choose. Having helped companies to choose right seo companies , here is my insight. let’s have a solid basics on how to find seo company.

How to find SEO Company

CEO are Sales People, How about the tech?

CEO's are sales people

This is the number one problem is selection. During the initial phase- the time your company or you communicate with the seo vendor or the final presentation, most of the time CEO’s would be doing the show.

Like all the companies, seo companies do have a sales team and they know what to do in-order to sell their services to you. So don’t get easily comfortable and make a decision to hire them.

It’s not that the seo companies which have good sales team have a bad seo team or vice versa.  But have an eye for the seo team because you are going to work with them forever. sales people will gone once the deal is done (sometimes ceo’s too).

Had They Done It Before

how to choose an seo company

Sometimes, hiring an seo company is similar to hiring an seo candidate. You have to look for the experience.

Experience, not in the sense of years in the industry or the no of clients. What really matters is that- their experience in the relevant industry or exactly similar industry.

I have seen companies successful in B2C struggle with B2B. Reason being both had different approaches and it’s incredibly difficult to have a team which does both. So ask the vendor about their B2B or B2c Experience and connect with your objective.

B2B or B2C may be too high level. Find out whether they had worked on retail, software, finance, FMCG, Mobile App, Startup, etc… If you are a software company and want to generate B2B leads online, you know what to seek and ask.

Average Client Duration

Often times, while choosing an seo company one need to make bold and honest decision – to avoid regret in future. So now you know about the seo technical team, their work experience, now what?

Ask them, how long their client stick with them Or what is the average life-cycle time of their clients.

Client-vendor life cycle

google search

Honeymoon time:

happy people

Probably first three months, since the signing up. This period usually goes like getting each other knows, formal introductions, and initial setups which are fairly easy. Usually honeymoon period is for 3 months.

Chaos time:

blamming each other

No seo company is charging any less. So after three months of payment and no results, usually management or CEO started to ask questions. questions about the performance and the promises delivered during the signup or honeymoon period.

This usually happens for 2-3 months.



In this phase, usually the client will be more direct about the performance of the digital marketing efforts. Probably deadlines will be set and heavy pressure will be exerted by the client. Obviously the deadlines won’t be meet.

During this time, the meeting frequency will be frequent and most the seo tech team will be under pressure. After two months into the phase, the vendor will be terminated. This happens for 2-3 months.

For an average client who is unhappy with the vendor has the average life cycle time

Avg life cycle time =Honeymoon period (3) + chaos time (3) + Climax (3) = 9 Months.

Coming back to the client duration, if the average client duration is 6 months you know what to do.

However, in rare cases a company which doesn’t have the items described in the post , yet it could deliver a stellar performance- there’s always an exceptional.  For more information – How to choose an seo company

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