Off Page Optimisation

Seo - off page optimisation

Why Off Page optimisation is necessary?


Since the advent of google search engine, Acquiring  back-links was on the spotlight.

The core reason behind the link building is roots backs to 2000.

Back to Basics

When google inventors wrote an algorithm which ranks the website based on the popularity of links.

In early 2000’s, google ranked the website based on the links which is available naturally.

When google became the core of the internet search, search engine optimization (seo) was born.

Practice of search engine optimization was started building the building of links towards the target webpage, artificially yet in a harmless ways.

Since google is updating zillion time, it is believed that its initial algorithm was same.

But that was not completely true.

It’s true that google ranks website based on the link popularity, but not on quantitative basis but qualitative.

That means getting a good quantity of backlinks from a relevant high ranked sites improves ranking. See more about our Link building seo practice

Getting backlinks form random irrelevant websites does not gives any ranks but backfires (i.e.) penalty.

We provide quality link building services as a standalone services also couple with our other internet marketing services.

Our Conversion rate optimisation services can help you get customers without much efforts.


This kind of link building is useful for the small businesses and big business. Okay, anything but a business. Links will be submitted to the famous local listings sites such as (inter-link here) yellow pages, yelp, pinpoint, crunch base and many more underestimated but good local directories.


Forums with high page rank will provide do follow and no-follow links sometimes for loyal and useful members. We are hyper active in many forms of various domains. This kind of back links can be useful for tech blogs and businesses. But it can be useful for any businesses based on the relevancy of the forum.

This kind of link building is quite popular and very diverse. Blog commenting offers a various flexibility towards the relevancy. Since it’s flexible the relevancy can be easily achieved via blog commenting.

This practice born after the rise of popular social networks like Facebook, twitter and google plus. This process is quite complicated in relevancy but it’s relatively effective in acquiring links for your website. While creating bookmarks one should be very cautious about not spamming the website.

Business listings usually have a dual benefits. One your business is listed among the other and which could be displayed in search results. Two you’re getting a quality backlink form the business listing site. Business listing sites and local directory sites sometimes overlap and sometimes it don’t. But however it’s a better strategy to build links on both kinds of site.