How to optimize Google Display Campaigns

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optimize google display campaigns

How to optimize Google Display Campaigns

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How to optimize Google Display campaigns in 5 minutes

 optimize google display campaigns

There’s gazillions ways to improve and optimize the Google display campaigns. Here’s the logic wise framework on the Google display campaign optimisation.

The Google Display Campaign optimisation can be divided into various forms:

  • Outer funnel optimisation
  • Inner funnel optimisation

Outer funnel optimisation:

This refers to the optimisation top level targeting methods such as restricting the display ads to the irrelevant audience. This can be helpful because, it’s continuous process to keep channeling display ads to targeted audience.

So as a PPC manager one has to be relentless in keeping the targeted channel to relevant audience.

So it’s important to keep a tab on the people targeted and targeting methods on top level.

Things to optimize in the outer funnel:

Targeting methods:

Does your display campaigns running on Mobile App Placements Ads?

For me it’s a huge area of concern. Mobile app placements are often ignored, seldom visible and often lead to accidental clicks (due to big thumb).

Or you have to seriously ask yourself have you or seen any one paid attention to mobile placements as much as they do for other ads.

We make decision based on the data, for us, Average CTR for the mobile placements in whooping 66%. For display ads CTR of 66% is ridiculous.

Unless, it’s actually driving conversion and business for you – you should be careful about the mobile app placements.

This is even more happening in the re marketing campaign. Read : target optimisation in re-marketing display campaign

Haven’t you turned off the target OPTIMIZATION?

Target optimization feature comes as a basic feature with all display campaigns and hardly visible. But if this gone unnoticed, these feature might single handily plague the CTR, conversion rates, Cost per conversion.

We are not advocating that target optimization is a bad feature. But the odds that it could be are high. So what’s the solution? Trust data. Run the display campaigns with this feature and see the quality of leads, CPA.

How to check if the target optimisation brings you bad placements and wasted spend.

Here’s the step:

Step1: choose the display campaign

Step2: Choose the display network tab

Step3: Choose the placements

Step3: segment by targeting mode

Step4: Download the report

Step5: While downloading make sure you download the segmented report

Track your conversions from the adwords to get useful insights on conversion funnel. read  Conversion tracking in adwords

Check the Topics & keywords in display TARGETING

There are many ways on can target using the keywords, topics, audience and demographics. Depending upon how many intersecting targeting methods, user targeting may be very narrowed down or wide.

Pro tip: don’t use more than two combinations as it narrows down so much.

Review Placements Report

The placement report shows you the website where your display campaign ads are running. It’s best practice to review the placements weekly. Though it requires time to review all the websites but you get good insights on which type of website your ads are running.

By manually reviewing the websites you get to know how you though the display targeting would work & how it actually works. Display targeting works on contextual targeting and not always in the way you thought it is.

By reviewing the placement reports, you get to know how targeting works and you can tweak based on the placements. If you’re looking to optimize conversion rate, try our conversion optimisation services

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