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seo company coimbatore

We are one of the best seo company Coimbatore, we offer seamless seo solutions to our clients.

Search engine optimization is natural aka organic technique to get desired traffic form search engines (very likely Google).

There are three stages of doing search engine optimization:

Initial Seo Stage.

Initial Stage is all about making search engine to like your website/product.

To make this clearer, let’s assign the term search engine to google.

Google does have algorithms. It ranks pages based on the algorithms.

But google has to know that there is page exists in the first place.

It has a crawler. Crawler is robots which automatically reads your page and store in google index. Google index is the web database.

Initial stages of seo are more about getting your website into google database.

It’s not just about getting into google databases, but what really matters is that how quick the site gets into database.

Remember, if google does not know that your webpage exits, same happens with the visitors.

We help you get into Google’s index in a matter of a day

Building blocks of Seo Process.

My website is in Google’s index, what now?

Wow! You should celebrate that (may be with a beer). But did you see the rankings?

Oh my god, its 205? That means your page is shown by google but not on the page 1. It’s on page 21

Ranking for a page is simple nothing but the order google shows the webpage for user query.

For example, you running a website about how to make a hamburger.

When a user searches google for “how to make a hamburger”.

And your ranking is 205.

That means there are 204 pages which is better in telling how to make hamburger (we love you, it’s google who thinks that way).

We are the nerds who read about the google algorithms and those countless factors to influence that. We believe that all our clients website deserve to be ranked on first page. But not for the same keyword.

Getting Ranked in Google

Getting ranked means there’s a lot of people visiting to your store. We have done a real good job of doing right page to right people. But you’re only profitable when they buy something from your store.

If you spend $1000 to bring 100 visitors to your store, in return they purchased for $750 it will be a failure.

That’s why we don’t charge you for the visitors we bring in, we charge you per/purchase or subscription.

It’s very unlikely any SEO company Coimbatore will do that, but we are. Because we know how to show and sell.

After all are becoming one of the efficient seo company coimbatore

We are good with market research and suggest you which metrics you should focus on to improve your sales and marketing. Companies can opt for the best web design in Coimbatore to increase their conversion rates.


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