Web Analytics

web analytics

We are data driven company. With the data we are able to focus intensely on segments that has our potential customers. Good data helps in web analytics which helps in making important business decisions.

Power of Web Analytics

web Analytics

This is how the marketing budget of the any company looks like.

Total amount spent on a month = $10000

Total number of customers acquired = 1000

Avg Cost per customer acquisition = $10

What’s wrong here?

Let’s take a reverse analogy, if it takes $10 to acquire a customer,  company can acquire a customer for $10/month budget.

Answer is big NO.

For obvious reasons that’s an average.

The average cost means you marketing campaign is targeted on both potential & Non-potential customers?

It will be Awesome to know only right market and neglect the non-potential customers.

But important questions is: Is that even possible?

YES, with us.

We provide web analytics with invaluable insights like:

Information you know that you know (Present-right market)

Information you know that you don’t know (Potential-future-market)

Information you don’t know that you don’t know (disastrous market)

Information you don’t know that you know (disruptive product)

In simple terms, we help you to discover untapped potential markets with web analytics.

Hitting right on the money


This is our approach towards data analysis:

No vanity metrics:

vanity metrics

Vanity metrics will make you feel good but you can’t make any decisions based on that.

Our data & analysis are clean and free. You can reply 100% on making decisions based on the data.

Core metrics:

core metrics

We don’t bombarded you with humongous amount of data. We certainly avoid the data which is not relevant to your business.

We eliminate the vanity metrics and irrelevant metrics.

We provide you clean data which makes you make a better decision.

User Behavior


user segmentation

You’re potential paying customers will be related to each other. It’s really important to know which segment to target. Well you can know with clean data.

Web Analytics tools we use:

Google Analytics:

analytics report

Powerful seamless tool form the google. We capture enormous amount of data with google analysis and curate the data as per your business needs.


Piwik is an open source platform.  Piwik is really helpful in knowing the search terms of the user who visits the website via google

Putting Insights into action

conversion rate optimisation

Take advantage of the existing visitors and convert them into customers using conversion rate optimisation services. We provide you an audit which contains interesting insights and tweaks. With our audit your business will able to attain customers with a few tweaks.